General sales conditions

1. Introduction

These terms and conditions supersede all previous terms and conditions of DENTAURUM CANADA. They apply to all orders transmitted to DENTAURUM CANADA. Acceptance of our offers for our clients involves its adherence to terms and conditions below.


2. Object

These general conditions apply to the sale of products ("Products") and equipment (the "Equipment") as well as installation services, maintenance and repair services (the "Services") to DENTAURUM CANADA to all its customers ("Customers").

DENTAURUM CANADA reserves the right to modify its offer of Products, Equipment and Services at any time without notice. DENTAURUM CANADA shall not be held responsible for delays due to possible shortages and will replace any Product or equivalent equipment.

DENTAURUM CANADA reserves the right to modify at any time and without notice, any errors on its marketing material, especially regarding prices or quantities. Photos are for illustrative purposes only.


3. Orders

Any change orders should be a verbal or written agreement prior to a representative DENTAURUM CANADA.

Any changes may also lead to a corresponding change in the price and terms of execution.

Any cancellation of orders must be discussed with a representative of DENTAURUM CANADA. In case of cancellation of order by customer, DENTAURUM CANADA reserves the right to retain certain amounts paid by the Customer to that date.


4. Delivery

Delivery times are indicative only and do not constitute a formal commitment. Delays cannot give rise to damages. If it is an article that we normally keep in stock, the cancellation will be provided to advise us within five (5) days of the order. If it is specially ordered for the customer's needs , cancellation is permitted only with the authorization of a representative of DENTAURUM CANADA.


5. Execution of orders

On the date of installation of equipment, all preparations including arrivals of fluid or gas and electricity must be done in advance, as shown in CANADA DENTAURUM the expense and under the sole responsibility of the Client. In addition, it is the sole responsibility of the Client to perform all that is necessary for the proper functioning of the equipment connections.

The Customer must sign the certificate of installation of the products or equipment and mention all the comments and concerns about possible defects of installation or compliance at risk of taking recourse against DENTAURUM CANADA .


The Customer shall inspect the Products and Equipment . The customer will put in writing any defects or non-compliance within 7 days to 1 month for Products and Equipments from the date of delivery reserves, products and equipment will be considered compliant and quantity in quality control .

The Customer must attach to their claim all the supporting documents . No claim can be validly accepted in case of non compliance with these formalities and delays by the Client.


6. Transfer of risk

Risk of loss and damage of Products, Equipment and their packaging may suffer, are transferred to the Customer upon exit of DENTAURUM CANADA warehouse in the case where the goods to be paid upon receipt. In such a case, it is the Client to safeguard its rights with respect to the carrier upon delivery, making any claim with the carrier according to the legal provisions in force.


7. Price

Products, Equipment and Services are billed on the basis of the rates prevailing on the date of delivery or completion. Customer-specific orders will be a previously accepted by a pricing quotation. DENTAURUM CANADA reserves the right to modify its prices at any time without notice


8. Transport

Transportation costs are the responsibility of the Customer unless otherwise agreed. Costs are prepaid by DENTAURUM CANADA and then added to the invoice.


9. Subcontracting transportation

DENTAURUM CANADA reserves the right to use subcontractors for the transport of products and equipment, without the prior consent of the Client acknowledges and agrees that the Customer.


10. Billing & Payment

The terms of payment are net DENTAURUM CANADA 30 days with exception when opening an account, the first order / invoice will be due immediately and must be paid in full before the goods can leave our warehouse. For subsequent orders, standard terms of payment will apply.


11. Penalty clause

In case of non-payment by the Customer of an invoice due, any balance due will bear interest at a monthly rate of 1.5% or 18% per year.


12. Reservation of title clause

The transfer of ownership of the products and equipment is delayed until full payment and all amounts payable by the Client. The Client shall take all appropriate measures to ensure the Products and equipment are conserved in their original state before transferring ownership to his advantage . Customer will notify any third party 's property DENTAURUM CANADA on products and equipment and will oppose any entry or claim of a third party on these products and equipment .

DENTAURUM CANADA reserves the right to take all necessary steps to repossess the Products and equipment not paid in full. A recovery could not take place if the Products and equipment have not been used, are in good condition, have not expired and are in their original packaging.

Failure to pay following an affidavit within the time limit , this sale will be canceled automatically . Any amount already paid by the Client, regardless of the nature, will be retained by DENTAURUM CANADA as liquidated damages , without prejudice to any other rights that might be argued by DENTAURUM CANADA against the Client.


13. Forfeiture of Terms Clause

If the client is in default of payment as agreed upon in the terms and conditions, DENTAURUM CANADA reserves the right to require an immediate in full of the outstanding balance.


14. Guarantee

Unless otherwise stipulated. Equipment is guaranteed for a period of one year from the date installed and or delivered. The guarantee applies solely to any manufacturing defects with regards to the normal usage of the equipment as specified in the user's manual. It is limited to the repair or replacement, at the discretion of DENTAURUM CANADA of the defective part/ or parts with exception of the payment of any compensation or any costs whatsoever.

All guarantees will be null and void in the event of mis-usage, negligence or failure on the client's part to routine maintenances, normal usage and major force.

To benefit from this guarantee, the client must submit a written request to DENTAURUM CANADA.

With the prior approval of DENTAURUM CANADA, Customer may return the Products within 30 days of delivery. Products must not be altered and must be returned in perfect condition and in their original packaging. Return costs are the responsibility of the Client. Until the actual return of products in warehouses DENTAURUM CANADA, they remain under the responsibility and risk of the Client.

Hazardous materials (DG): To comply with the law Transport Canada (MD transport by road) returns DG identified as such in the catalog must strictly follow the regulations of Transport Canada.

In case of abused returns, DENTAURUM CANADA may, if it sees fit, require the Customer to pay a sum equal to 5% of the price of the returned as damages Products.


15. Responsibility

In all cases, the responsibility DENTAURUM CANADA is limited to the amount of the Product, Equipment and Services which is directly related to the damage and does not cover incidental or consequential damages.

The customer is solely responsible for the choice of products, and services and their suitability for their needs. Customer, as a professional, must verify the conditions of use of products and equipment (including precautions, counter indications, warnings, expiration dates and certification). DENTAURUM CANADA shall not be liable for acts of God.


16. Governing Law, Jurisdiction and address for service

This contract is governed by the laws in force in the Province of Quebec. Any controversy or dispute shall be brought before the competent court in the judicial district of Montreal, DENTAURUM CANADA elected home.


17. Return Policy

No returned merchandise will be accepted without having been authorized beforehand by one of the DENTAURUM CANADA representative.

Clients must provide the following information with their returns:

1. The name of the product, quantity returned, date of delivery and date of purchase.

2. Reason for return

A copy of the original invoice must also be enclosed in the return.

Applicable conditions to any return:

a) if less than 4 months from the date of delivery: Full refund may be authorized shipping fees are excluded.

We only accept the goods in their original packaging.

With at least 6 months remaining to the Expiry Date and resellable condition. Prewelds, equipment and special orders are not returnable.

At 4 months, handling and restocking fee of 35% will be applied to credit issued.

5-8 months: 40% to 60% will be applied to credit issued.

8-12 months: 60% to 75% will be applied to credit issued.

Over a year, no returns will be accepted.

We will only accept goods purchased within the year and that can be resold.